Columbus Ohio Team Shirts

columbus ohio team shirts

At Envy My Tee we offer a variety of spirtwear options and want to become your number one source for Columbus Ohio team shirts. Basketball, football, soccer you name it we got you covered.  We offer different styles, designs and shirt colors to help keep your team looking great.

Here are a few reasons you will need team shirts:

  1. Branding– When you are part of a team you want everyone looking the same and uniform. T-shirts are a great low cost investment to help achieve this. Our ‘basic” tee shirt is not so basic. We use a 50% cotton 50% poly shirt so that its breathable and keeps it shape after multiple washing’s further solidifying your investment!
  2. Parents/Community– Parents and locals want to support the efforts of their local athletes. Having a high quality t-shirt with your awesome logo only helps strengthen your community and team! Team shirts can also be customized with player names and numbers to help make the t-shirt that much more special.
  3. Memories– Our owner, Jessica Davenport, played basketball for 20 years! Those years included middle school and her pro career.  She still has t-shirts from basketball tournaments from high school, college  and pro. There are lots of options to make cool memotoes from t-shirts, or just continue to wear them!

Columbus Ohio team shirts should not be a hard process to accomplish.  We walk you thru the entire process so you can feel comfortable with your purchase. Never bought custom t-shirts before?  Not a problem. Here is a short list of what is needed to place your order.

  • Number of t-shirts needed for your order
  • What color and type of shirt needed
  • Sizes
  • Design we can come up with a design for your or we can just use your logo and slogan. We also love when our customers provide their own artwork
  • Due date- Let us know when you need so we can make sure its on time, everytime
  • Need extras? We do more that t-shirts. Socks, banners, hats just let us know
  • Payment- After we get all order details we will process payment and get printing!

Pretty easy right. Well we are going to make it even more easy for you. Please download this shareable and printable team spiritwear and team shirts flyer below.  We will also include a custom printing check list, services flyer, discounts flyer deal and brochure! All you need in just a click. We strive to make the process as easy and streamlined as possible.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with question or to place your order! We want to become your number one spot to buy Columbus Ohio team shirts!


Free Downloads Below!

Team Spiritwear and Team Shirts Flyer

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