Please read our faqs page for any questions you may have. We try to answer our most popular questions to help keep you informed.


Question: What’s the minimum order?
Answer: For screen printing textiles the minimum order is 12 items of the same design. Anything below 12 items will be printed via a different printing process.  We also offer heat transfer vinyl and dye sublimation, so please contact us with your artwork and ideas and we can provide the most cost effective printing style for your project.


Question: What if I just need one shirt?

Answer: For screen printed shirts that does not meet the requirements.  We do how ever provide heat transfer vinyl that comes in a variety of colors, as well as dye sublimation and direct to garment.  We will let you know which options work best for your project. Most single  t-shirt orders start at $20 plus shipping.


Question: Do you print on anything besides shirts?
Answer: YES! Just about anything can be embellished in some way. Bags, hats, jackets, and others can also be embellished. Just ask us!


Question: Samples! Can you print them?

Answer: Screen printed samples can not be purchased as our minimum is 12. A direct to garment shirt can be printed and sent starting at $20 plus shipping.


What Is Dye Sublimation?

Here’s a quick and informative write up on what dye sublimation is and how it can be applied to your order. Remember max print area is 13×19


What Is Direct To Garment?

Direct To Garment (DTG) is a printing process that prints full color images on garments. Think of how your home printer prints on paper, well DTG printers print on garments. Great for those that only need a few shirts. Cost starts at $20 for basic t-shirts.


Question: Can I Return My Items For A Refund?

If your item(s) is shipped and you do not receive the correct size you ordered you will receive a replacement on your custom order. Request must be sent to use withing 4 days of receiving your package. Buyer must return items unworn in original packaging. If you ordered the wrong size or color, there are no refunds, and a new order will need to be placed.  After items is paid for client approves print. No refunds on custom ordered products as they can not be resold.


Question: What art file types do you accept?

Answer: We prefer vector files so they can be resized if necessary,  Png files with the background transparent, and/ or files created in Adobe Illustrator (fonts outlined) Corel Draw (Converted To Curves). We can also take raster files created in other programs. Raster files should be at 300dpi and at desired printing size. All files need to be in the correct colors pertaining to garment being used. Example if printing on a black garment art should not be in black, but the color desired! Please contact us for more specific file type questions. The better the artwork, the better the final image!  A fee will be charged for all artwork submitted that is not ready for print. Normally between $25-$40.



Question: What shirt brands/colors/sizes do you carry?
Answer: We have access to many of the major brands such as Gildan, Anvil, Bella+Canvas and more.


Question: Can I bring my own garments?

Answer: No, For quality purposes we provide all garments, but please rest assured your item is printed on top notch blanks.  Please read the description tab of our blanks if you have any questions.


Question: Is there a deposit?
Answer: Before any custom work can begin 100% of the balance is due.  We provide speedy estimates, mock ups and invoices to ensure we are all on the same page.



Question: How are my products printed?

Depending on the quantity and artwork design your custom made products will be printed using  Heat Transfer Vinyl, Dye Sublimation, Direct To Garment or Screen Printing.  For larger orders, screen printing will be the way to go.  For some small projects, vinyl, direct to garment or dye sublimation will be used, but we will discuss options with you before going into production.

Please provide quality artwork (300 dpi raster sized to print, or  vector artwork ) when submitting to Envy My Tee. We want you to have the best quality possible and that starts with awesome artwork. If you artwork is not up to par an artwork fee starting at $25 will be added to your invoice to prepare it for printing.



Question: What are you print locations?

Hats- Front, Underbill



Question: Will you design our garments?

No, we do not offer design services.  We will only print. Please have your artwork ready when placing your order or asking questions about an order.  Any graphic that is not print ready will need to be revised before production starts.  We can not take sketches.  Files must be digital.  If minor tweaks need to be applied a fee will be accessed.



Question:  How long before my order ships.

After payment is made please allow 10-14 business days for production plus shipping times.  Items are shipped USPS, FEDEX or UPS


 Question: What Size Should I Order?

We will not give advice on what size you should order, but we can tell you if an item is known to run smaller ( some fashion fit slim  t-shirts).


Question:  Can I change my order after it is placed?

No, we provide custom invoices for our customers to double check and sign off on.  Once order has been placed no changes can be made.  You will need to place a new order with missing items priced accordingly.



Where Is My Order?

After completion of your order you will be given a tracking number with your package being shipped to the address confirmed during payment.  If your item is lost, or delayed please contact the shipping carrier with your tracking information to troubleshoot.  We take no responsibly after item is shipped.  If there is a typo when you placed you order, and it is sent back to us, you must repay for shipping. On custom orders we will not be able to refund your order.


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