Funny Questions Screen Printers Get Asked

I thought I’d make a quick post about funny questions screen printers get asked about getting custom tees.  Most are funny, to printers, but the more often I get asked the more you realize people need answers. Here is my quick list of funny questions screen printers get asked common questions we get asked, that you may or may not be to embarrassed to ask


Why is there an art charge when I gave you a picture to print?

 Because that screen shot you took off your computer and emailed it to us is only two inches big and low quality.  We are sure you don’t want a two inch image or your shirt, or worst an image of low quality blown up, and looking a mess on your t-shirt. Remember trash in, trash out. That means if the image you provide us is bad, the image that gets printed is worst. Trust us and let us clean up your artwork so we both can be proud of the print.


I only want one screen printed shirt, how much is it?

For those that don’t know there is a bit of a setup process to screen print a shirt. Prepping the screen, separating the artwork, burning screens and clean up.  That’s a lot of setup just for one shirt. There are a lot of other options for printing low orders so its best to speak with your printer to see what services they offer. Personally we won’t screen print one shirt, (we offer vinyl and dye sublimation) but if a company does, please be prepared to deep dig in your wallet as it will be pretty pricey!


How much you’ll charge for shirts?

This is something that gets asked daily, which is great but like all things we need a bit of context. Since we deal with custom prints we need to know what you want. That’s like going in McDonald’s and telling the cashier to give you a burger.  We all know there are options.  When you ask how much we charge, please provide information like what you want printed on the shirt, how many you want and if you are looking for a basic t-shirt, sweat shirt, hoodie ect. If we quote you on 100 t-shirts  don’t be surprised when you decide to finalize your order and say you want 15 hoodies that the price will change. Screen printing is a custom business and each print job is different.


If I place my order today can I have it tomorrow?

Although not so funny the reaction to a rush fee is. Sure in most cases depending on the shop, and their schedule they maybe able to squeeze your order in.  In many cases (every business is different) but there will be something called a rush fee. The fee is because your order is stopping production of other orders that were paid before yours, but your paying the bump the line so to say.  The faster you need your item, the more that fee will be. Don’t be surprised, and expect it.


Right now I only need 5 shirts, but I promise I will order 400 next week. Can I get the 400 piece price?

Um. Probably not.  Every printer is different, but as a screen printer and a business you pay for what you order at the time.  If you would like the bulk price, the whole order would need to be placed at that time.


If I order 100 shirts can I pay you when I sell them?



We hope you found these funny questions screen printers get asked to be informative. At Envy My Tee we try to be informative, not boring. If you think there are any question we should answer shoot us a message. Looking for custom tees? Give us a try!  We have low minimums and always answer questions in a timely fashion. Check us out!

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