Heat Transfers

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Another service that is offered at Envy My Tee are heat transfers. We typically use heat transfers on low orders, or for teams needing a variety of names and numbers on jersey’s or shirts. For our heat transfers we used what is called heat transfer vinyl.

Heat transfer vinyl is a durable, soft material that comes in a number of colors, and textures (including glitter) that can be cut using a vinyl cutter.  Your design is placed into a rip program and the vinyl cutter cuts out your design, allowing us to use a professional grade heat press to apply to substrates.  The importance on quality artwork comes into play here (just like with all printing processes) to ensure a quality cut.  Heat transfer vinyl is used mainly for one-two color designs, but can also be used for full color graphics.  If you want to place an order for less than 12 custom t-shirts then your order will be made using heat transfer vinyl.


What heat transfer vinyl is great for :

  • Low quantity orders with one or two colors, or full color graphics
  • Team names and numbers
  • Low detail design (Great for text and logos)
  • Can be applied to all shirt materials and colors

Heat transfer vinyl can also be used on bags, jerseys, and jackets!

What is the best artwork to submit?

The best artwork to submit for t-shirts made with heat transfer vinyl is vector artwork.  If you dont have or don’t know if your artwork is vector send us an email with your artwork. If its not vector we can make it so for a small artwork charge.

If you have any questions on how heat transfer vinyl can be used in your next project, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!  We are glad to help!


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