Why Is It So Hard To Buy Custom T-shirts?

So you’re looking to buy  custom t-shirts but don’t know where to start?  Perfect! We are here to help.  At Envy My Tee we use digital printing and traditional screen printing to get your orders out to you, and in the hands of your groups, schools, or whatever you chose to do with your custom printed t-shirts!

In reality buying a custom t-shirt is not hard. You, the customer needs one thing, an image to print.  Your custom t-shirt printer will do the rest, but there are things you should know about the process to help you make an informed decision.

  1. Knowing what type of artwork is acceptable. 

Usually when you visit a screen printing website the artwork requirements are all the same. Artwork at 300 dpi, png file or raster file sized to print. To the novice who just wants their cool image printed it can be a bit difficult to understand. Let us simplify.

300 dpi– If you (or your graphic artist) is creating artwork in Photoshop or whatever graphics program they choose, when setting up your new page  it will have a spot that says “Resolution”. Input 300. Easy peezy! Also size your artwork in the size to be printed. Don’t create a 4 inch design and want it on a 3XL! Not sure how big you want it. Take a tape measure and place on it a tee that fits you and measure, print out you design on paper and see how it looks. Sure beats buying 200 tees and your image is to big, or to small.

Also notice the “Background Contents” as transparent. This is especially important in digital printing as what you send in your artwork gets printed. So if you don’t want that big white box around your image, make it transparent!


creating artwork example for envy my tee


When finished save as .PNG

envy my tee custom t-shirt tutorial

You now have something we can work with, or help guide you in making adjustments!  These are Photoshop examples, but the same can be used in many of the graphic arts programs.


2. Know what your t-shirt will be used for

Most people are not familiar with the numerous brands of blanks that us printers use for customization.  Although you do not necessary need to know a specific brand, you do need to let us know what your t-shirt will be used for. Are you looking for a custom screen printed or digitally printed t-shirts for

  • One time use/ promotional tees
  • clothing line
  • everyday work shirts

You get the point. By letting us know a little about the intended use for the t-shirt they can point you in the right direction of tees that will work for you and your budget.

At Envy My Tee Custom T-shirts and Personalized Gifts our base blank t-shirts are a style of  Anvil and Gildan Dry Blend. We chose there brands (styles) as our base as they are soft, comfortable and hold up to washing when done properly. Meaning they don’t shrink up like a wet paper towel after one wash and won’t feel like a dry paper towel while you have it on. ( Following washing instruction) As always you (the customer) can let us know what brand you would like you  custom designs printed on and we will print it, but for those who are not as familiar with brands, we help you by having our standard t-shrit an affordably priced one.


3. Don’t Grab Images Off Google

Images on the internet are usually set a 72dpi. ( Remember we need 300 dpi)  Along with the low quality they are usually sized extremely small. (Remember you don’t want to put a 4 inch design 3XL)  Another reason not to send us images from google is because you did not create them. They are copyrighted. Moving on.


4. Sending photos from your cell phone

Yes, you want to put your summer vacation photos with your BFF on a t-shirt or personalized gift. Thats awesome. Just remember, not all cell phones are created equal. Always send in your image to your printer ahead of time, just to be sure. If you can, send us photos from your digital camera.  And if your phone still flips, i’m going to assume its not going to give us a great print. 🙂


5. Understand there are shipping times and processing times

You need family t-shirts for your kids birthday party by Friday morning and you call your custom t-shirt printer Wednesday at 4:45pm before they close at 5.  In many cases this can be done, but understand there will be heavy rush fees to make this happen. If you are planning on getting it shipped, please be prepared to pay those hefty overnight fees as well. It’s best to plan ahead of time, it will save you money. In the unfortunate event that a mistake happens or the mail doesn’t get delivered on time a chance to make things right.


6. Know how much you have to spend

Some t-shirt companies charge by the color in your artwork, and have set up fees. Did you not supply your own custom artwork? That is going to cost you as well. Also factor in taxes and shipping fees if getting shipped.   At Envy My Tee we have no setup fees and do not charge by the color. All we need is your high quality artwork as we do not offer design services. There are many resources out there to help you create your own image, or point you in the right direction to have someone do it at a very affordable price!


In a nutshell that’s pretty much it.  Of course there are detail things to work out with your individual printer, but if you are informed with this knowledge before hand you are in GREAT shape to get just what you are looking for.


At Envy My Tee we have the capability to print on a variety of garments, while providing quality products at an affordable price.  We would love to help you out on your next printing project. Just give us a call at 614-352-6821 or email us at info@envymytee.com.  We respond the emails in a timely fashion, and if you can’t reach us by phone please leave us a detailed message and we will call back between business hours.

No Minimums and Full Color Printing!  What more do you need!



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